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The Franklin Surname Project


This project hopes to eventually ferret out which Franklins/Franklyns are related to Benjamin Franklin, statesman, as well as to each other. Thus far over 130 have been measured and they comprise over 12 different families. I strongly recommend the 25-marker or 37-marker test for Franklins, because I have found a case for which 12 markers are not sufficient to distinguish two different Franklin families from each other and from other surnames. This project emphasizes Y-Chromosome testing of males surnamed Franklin, preferably at 37, 67 or 111 STR markers. The optimum use of Y-DNA testing is to check out a questionable paper trail. Flying blind occasionally does work and enough Franklin family groups have been identified that the chance of making a connection are fairly good. DNA testing has limitations. Predictions may be made of generations back to a common ancestor but they are given as a wide probable range. It is much easier to disprove a paper trail than to confirm one and, for this reason, at least the 37 marker Y-DNA test is recommended. We request male line pedigrees back to the most distant known ancestor. Initials only, along with the most distant ancestor and kit number are used for identification on the public website. Females may order a test kit for Franklin males who agree to submit a cheek scrape sample. MtDNA testing and the Family Finder application are also allowed for project members. Owing to the many possible ancestral connections involved, however, the administrators do not get into the details of interpretation. This is up to the person testing and it is therefore recommended that your profile page include a gedcom file or other family tree connections/links to assist in following up matching results. Adoptees who suspect Franklin connections and persons with surnames other than Franklin whose Y-DNA results match closely with project members are encouraged to join. The DNA results, combined with genealogy research, hopefully will open some new windows for research on the Franklin surname. By joining the project, you are giving consent for your information to be anonymously included in ongoing genetic genealogy research. Your personal identity will not be revealed, but your results will be used to better understand the Franklins a people and their ancestors. Full Project Website:



Other surnames in Project

Franckline, Frankland, Franklin, Frankline, Frankling, Franklyn

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