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The Freshour Surname Project


The family of Johann Georg Froschauer and his wife, Catharina Graf, daughter of Hans Adam Graf, emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1732. Georg Froschauer took up land in the area owned by John Digges, mainly in present-day Adams County (originally Lancaster, then York, then Adams), comprising the areas of Germany and Conewago Townships and inclusing the town of Littlestown on its southwestern end. There were several sons, and several variations of the surname exist today. This project is an outgrowth of, first, a newsletter that began in 1993 (Freshour Faces), and now a Rootsweb mailing list under the generalized surname of FRESHOUR. Anyone is welcome to participate. Our findings, after testing male descendants of three of the immigrant couple's sons, are that descendants of the eldest (Wendel) are NOT related to those of two middle sons (John & George). We have four descendants with the modern surname of Frush (descendants of George) who have been tested, and three are exact matches with each other and with our one John descendant to be tested. The remaining Frush subject matched on 36 of 37 markers, which we feel is an acceptable variance.



Other surnames in Project

Freshour, Froschauer, Froshour, Frush, Frushour

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