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The Fulford Surname Project


This is a DNA project for the Fulford family. There are Fulfords in the Devonshire area of UK and in the US, Canada, Bahamas and Australia. This project will try to tie together the family trees across the world.Spelling variations include Fullford, Fulforth, Fullforde.First found in Devonshire where they settled before ancient times, some say before the Norman Conquest.Some of the first settlers were John Fulford in Barbados and later North Carolina abt 1660, John Fulford in New England abt 1751, William Forforth in Philadelphia abt 1844.The following is extracted from Burke's Landed Gentry, the Kingdom in Scotland, 18th Edition, Volume 3, The Origins of the English Landed Gentry:Of the families descended from the mediaeval gentry, nine have the proud distinction of being descended in the male line from an ancestor who took his surname from lands which they still hold: ALDERSEY of Aldersey, FULFORD of Fulford, FURSDON of Fursdon, GATACRE of gatacre. KELLY of Kelly, KINGSCOTE of Kingscote, LEGH of High Legh, MITFORD of Mitford and PLOWDEN of Plowden. There are other families bearing territorial surnames which are, in fact, of female descent or which no longer hold the lands whence comes their name. Then there are a number of families which have held their lands since the Middle Ages but have surnames different from them. (From the Fulford Saga)



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Fulford, Fulforth, Fullforde

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