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The GANDER Surname Project


The GANDER DNA Project welcomes all participants. I started this DNA Project in 2007 with good intentions albeit initially selfish ones - I wanted to prove/disprove whether my GANDER grandfather really WAS born a GANDER or not (given that I'd not been able to trace his birth certificate). To cut a long story short, it would now seem that he must have been 'adopted-in' (and this was at a time before there was any legal adoption process). Whilst this hasn't diminished my interest in traditional GANDER/GANDAR genealogy, I've now opted not to involve myself further in pursuing this DNA Project. I am leaving it open however for 2 reasons: 1. I understand that it will be cheaper for any GANDER/GANDER to obtain a DNA test through this Project than if this Project didn't exist. and 2. To advertise for any GANDER/GANDAR researcher who may be interested in taking the DNA Project over and really giving it the time it deserves. The only condition I'd put on this is a willingness to work with me as I'll be working with the more traditional genealogy methods! I still believe DNA testing has a future as a tool of genealogical research but I just don't have the drive, or time, to do it justice. Please e-mail me if you're interested Des Gander, Nov 2009 The surnames in this DNA Project are researched as part of the GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study. You can learn more about this One-Name Study by visiting its website at, or by contacting me, Des Gander, the Group Administrator, on (There's also a Profile Page on the GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study on the Guild of One-Name Studies website - see



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