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The GermanicorEnglish Surname Project


New Group in an attempt to find the Ancient(900ya+) I2B1(=M223)families of German Schwabia(Suevia) ,Schweiz(Switzerland), or Normandie(France) & England/Irish/Scots etc. Many Frankish(Norman) connections have appeared too. Will attempt to use Surname naming convention records to sub group until further DNA comparisons or analysis can be made. Former Group Name [FREIDINGER] What Haplogroup do the Freidingers/Fridigers from United States (Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc) belong? Are the Friding/Frydig related to the Fridinger/Freidinger family? What Haplogroup do the Fridingers from Austria & Germany belong? Are the Prague Czech Republic Fridingers from the same family? Are there other surnames that came from this family or male cousins from the original stem trunk? Are the Freydig family from Hermasillo, Mexico related? Looking for a common origin prior to the year 1100.



Other surnames in Project

Ammon/Orman/Auman, Arnold, Backer/Bacher, Berger(Berge/Burge?), Bidwell(Biddulph), Bosshard, Bratly(Haugen/Helfenstein?), Chandler, Cimberman/Zimmermann, Enos/Hennot, Ernest/Earnest, Fridig/Frydig /Friding(er)/Hirscheck, Graves/Greaves, Helfenbein?, Huber/Hoover/Hueber, Hughes/Hews?, Humphrey, Hutto(Hotot), Jung(Jungingen?), Lambert/Lambertus, Lybarger/Leuenberger, Marshall(Marscalus?), Martin(St. Martin), Medlhammer, Michels(St. Michaels?), Norris, Pueschel/Pushel, Rose/Penrose, Sigrist/Segrist(Sicrista), Sly/Schly, Strauss/Strauß(Wartenberg?), Stumb s. Bistumb?, Waalkes, Wolf/Woolf(Hunenberc?/Homburg?), Zender/Zander and many others..

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