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The Giammo Surname Project


This project is an attempt to deduce possible relationships among those male individuals whose ancestors lived in Messina Province in Sicily with the surnames Giammo' and Giambo'. The basis of this project is a paper genealogy research effort that traced the Giammo'/Giambo' surname back to Pietro Giambo', who lived in the 1600s in San Marco d'Alunzo in western Messina Province. The research started by examining the municipal and early census records in the towns around San Marco d'Alunzio (e.g. Capri Leone, Mirto, Frazano', Militello, Sant'Agata, etc.) and then attempting to trace the individual lines - backward to their earliest discoverable origins and forward as they spread throughout Sicily, the United States, and Australia. At least three distinct family lines emerge from this study, two of whom definitely came to western Messina Province from the area around Barcellona in eastern Messina Province. In each of the three families, the original form of the surname was Giambo' - but in most cases this evolved into Giammo' due to the influence of the local dialect. When individual family members emigrated to the United States the accent on the final sylable was dropped, resulting in either Giambo or Giammo. Due to the unique effect of the local dialect, it is hypothesized that all those with the Giammo'/Giammo surname, wherever in world, had ancestors living in western Messina Province. Furthermore, it is hypothesized that all these families have a common ancestor with the surname Giambo' who resided in the general area of Barcellona.



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Giambo, Giambo', Giammo, Giammo'

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