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The GibbsSurnameDNAProj Surname Project


Applying the science of genetics to help sort out living Gibbs lineages around the world. We have successfully established genetic connections for 49 participants to one of 9 distinctly different lineages that bear the Gibbs surname. We also have test results for unmatched participants who can be traced to 21 other Gibbs lineages. Knowing which Gibbs lineages they are related to, or are not related to, gives our participants a tremendous advantage in locating their roots; saving them enormous amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent tracing false leads. If you are a male with the Gibbs surname your lineage could be among those we have test results for, or you could represent an entirely new lineage not previously known to our project. Females can participate too, via a Gibbs male blood relative. If either case fits you, we'd love to have you join us.



Other surnames in Project

Gib, Gibb, Gibbes, Gibbs, Gibs, Gips, Gybbes

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