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The Gillespie Surname Project


GILLESPIES of any spelling and from all countries are welcome in this project. Y-DNA test - The Y-DNA tests trace the direct male line. The PRIMARY focus of this project is to test and analyze the Y-DNA of the various Gillespie families around he world. Test participants must be male and bear the surname GILLESPIE. 37 to 111 markers are necessary for an accurate comparison within a genealogical time frame. Mitochondrial DNA test - The mtDNA tests trace the direct female line. Both males and females can order this test. Tracking the mtDNA of Gillespie women is not a focus of this project, but such information may prove useful to establish/exclude connections by testing direct Gillespie female lines. Men receive mtDNA from their mother, but cannot pass it to their children. Only the FGS - Full Genome Sequence - mtDNA test will bring matches within a genealogical time frame. For this project, the female Gillespie ancestor must be no further than a great-grandparent and documentation must be submitted to the project administrators. Family Finder Autosomal DNA test - Both males and females can take this test and join the Gillespie DNA Project if they, their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were born with the surname Gillespie. Documentation of Gillespie lineage must be presented to the project administrators for review. Autosomal DNA test results are complicated to work with and the Y-DNA of the testee Gillespie line must be known to confirm atDNA matches. FF is not a focus of this project as a whole, and we do not have an admin with extensive knowledge in this area. Testing has revealed that there is no single CORE Gillespie family line representing this surname. Y-DNA testing has established that there are many unrelated families, from different haplogroups using the surname Gillespie and believing their origin to be in Ulster or Scotland. Due to a dearth of test participants with a solid documented history in Ulster or Scotland, we have been unable to place most of the Colonial American Gillespie lines in Ireland or Scotland. This project is in need of participants still living in Scotland with a documented history back to the 1600s or early 1700s. Gillespies that have solid primary source documentation of their family line back to 1700 or earlier in Scotland or Ireland may be eligible for assistance from the project for the cost of the Y-DNA test kit. Please contact project administrator Connie McKenzie at All of the major Gillespie lines have chosen the 37 or 67 marker DNA test kits. Many have upgraded to 111 markers which is especially helpful for deep ancestry and current family branching. Haplogroup testing is strongly recommended as a compliment to Y-DNA testing. Males may enter with the 12 or 25 marker kits. However, you will be expected to upgrade to 37 or 67 markers when you find a DNA match. 37 markers is the least number necessary to bring the match within a genealogical time frame - 111 markers are even better for branching family lines. By joining this project you agree to sign the release of information form and to provide the project administrator with information about your early Gillespie lineage for posting on the public website. Information about living individuals and one or two generations before them will not be posted. If your are viewing this page from any site other than the FTDNA home page, please order your kit from the link below at FTDNA in the USA - you must copy and paste the link. A modest shipping cost will be added to the cost of the DNA kit.



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