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The Gilpin Surname Project


Normally a surname as unusual as Gilpin would originate from one source but not with the Gilpin surname, as has been proven by OUR Y-DNA project. WE are looking at the different origins it may have come from. Different Origins of the Gilpin surname: 1. Irish - MacGillifin Anglicized to Gilfin, Gilpin, Gill 2. Norman (?) - deGylpyn includes Gilpin, Gilpinge, Gilpen 3. Norman (?) - Galpin 4. Scottish (?) - MacAlpine - Anglicized to Gilpin - Link Gilpin DNA Project Accepts all spellings to include: Galpin, Gilpine Galpen, Galpine, Gilpyn, Gylpyn, deGilpin, De Guylpyn, McGilpin, MacGilpin, Gill, MacGillifin, Gilfin, Gilfan, Gilpen, Calpin, Calpine, Galpinge, Culpen, MacAlpin, Galpan, and many others. Family researchers have been gathering information and compiling their genealogies diligently for years. You may be among the few who are able to trace your earliest ancestor back to England, or Ireland, or Scotland and or France. Or, like most, you may be searching to find that illusive, missing link to the past. As a Family researcher you have probably reached a point where you cannot identify any earlier ancestors. You may have documented multiple generations, but, at some point the leads dwindle and the trail grows cold. You have reached the preverbal brick wall. We know that more documentary evidence remains to be discovered however traditional genealogical research will most likely never find all the connections between the various Family groups or different spellings. Until recently there was little hope of extending a cold chart, however, genealogical DNA testing may provide the answers you are seeking. So, whether you have a complete family history leading back to a Family in England, Ireland, or where ever, or you are just starting to chart your ancestors, we hope you will consider joining us. This program is not to prove all spellings are / were one family, but to help prove what families do genetically connect to each other. Project Administrator Nelda



Other surnames in Project

Calpin, Calpine, Culpen, De Guylpyn, deGilpin, deGylpyn, Galfin, Galpan, Galpin, Galpine, Galpinge, Gilfan, Gilfin, Gill, Gilpan, Gilpen, Gilpin, Gilpine Galpen, Gilpinge, Gilpyn, Gulpin, Guylpyn, MacAlpin, MacGillifin, MacGilpin, McGilpin

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