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The Girardin/Girard Surname Project


Welcome to the GIRARDIN/ GIRARD Surname Project. The purpose of this project is to enhance and share knowledge about the GIRARDIN family ancestors through establishing a Y-DNA database and facilitate interpretation of results for male descendants carrying the surname GIRARDIN/ GIRARD or any of its many variants. We hope that as a result we will be able to identify various GIRARDIN ancestral lines, how they are related to each other. This project also aims at studying the emigration patterns of Girardins in particular the spread of the name in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. This project facilitates the ordering of Y-DNA test kits for all those with a GIRARDIN surname who like to participate. If you are interested in ordering a Y-DNA test kit, fill out the form below and click on join. We recommend you go for the 25 marker test. If you have any questions about ordering or using the test kit, please contact me using the group administrator link before you order the kit.



Other surnames in Project

De Girardin, Gerardin, Girard, Girardin, Girardy

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If you want to join the Girardin/Girard project please order your DNA test here.

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