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The Goble Surname Project


Gobles of all spellings and parts of the world are encouraged to join our DNA project. Were your ancestors from Germany? England? France? Many researchers have circumstantial evidence of relationship to the previous generation, but cannot actually prove it. Others have a good paper trail to the earliest census of 1790, but cannot find anything before that. They've hit a brick wall. DNA evidence can help break down that brick wall. The Y chromosome is the only chromosome passed down from father to son to son reltaively undeviated for 500 generations. That is what is tested. Therefore, the person submitting a test should be a male still carrying the Goble (and spelling variations) surname.



Other surnames in Project

Gabel, Gable, Gobal, Goball, Gobbell, Gobble, Gobeil, Gobel, Gobell, Gobiel, Gobil, Gobill, Goble, Goblet, Goboll, Gobul, Gobyl, Gobylet, Gobyll, Godbeald, Godbold, Godbolt, Goebel, Gowbyll, Kobble

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