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The Goldfoot Surname Project


The Goldfoot surname project is attempting to find where the line originated from and what countries they have been living in. We have found two members who are Q1b haplogroup and two who are of the R1b1b2 haplogroup. They share the same surname but are not related. They both come from Germany and Bavaria. We have a 73.94% chance of having an ancestor about 600 years ago, in the 1400's. Both Q1b are related. We just found out the results of the two 67 allele tests. 4 generations ago we have a 22.83% chance of being related. 8 generations ago the percent is 67.49%. 12 generations ago is 90.53%, 16 generations ago is 97.77%, 20 generations ago is 99.54% and 24 generations ago the chance of being related goes up to 99.91%. We had a perfect match with 64 out of the 64 alleles. The mutations were in the first set of 25 alleles; one slow mutater and two fast mutaters. It is a theory that the Q1b's are both members of the Ashina Royal Dynasty. We have now found out how connected we are to other Q1b's. We had two people only match a Goldfoot at the 12 allele level, and that hasn't changed. I surmise that Goldfoot (Goldfus/fuss) was a German name first, and later was adopted by Russian Jews when they had to take surnames. That these two Russian Goldfoots are a dna match tells me their surname makes them closer than I had showed on the tests, unless they both had roots in Germany first before going to Russia.



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