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The Goodger Surname Project


A great deal of research has been done on the family of Martin Goodger/Goocher who died in Richmond, VA in 1799. He had six sons (and four daughters), all of which had large families except for one. Confirmed surnames for these sons (undoubtedly due to illiteracy) are Goodger, Goocher and Googer. It is obvious from these surnames that the double 'O' was originally pronounced as in 'gooey' and not as in 'good'. The goal is to connect phonetically similar surnames such as Gouger, Goucher, Gutcher, Gotcher, Gocher, Guger, Gudger, Goudger, Gougher, Goacher and Goatcher, all of which when pronounced quickly with the Nordic or German accents ('goo' at the beginning) sound virtually identical.



Other surnames in Project

Goacher, Gocher, Goocher, Goodger, Googer, Gotcher, Goucher, Gouger, Gougher, Gudger, Guger

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