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The Goodlove/Godlove/Got Surname Project


The Goodlove DNA, the Cohen Modal Haplotype and our connection to the Kohanim. The Goodlove families earliest previously known ancestor was Conrad Goodlove, born 1793, in either Germany or Pennsylvania according to our Christian family tradition. Nothing more about his ancestors was known, until now. In 2006, Gerol Lee Goodlove took a DNA test to see if there was a match to a suspected Godlove ancestor by the name Francis Godlove by way of a Godlove descendant by the name of Ray Godlove. My fathers words to me just before I received the results of the test were, I think we?re going to open a can of worms here. His words were prophetic. Gary Goodlove?s DNA matches the Cohen Modal Haplotype. Ray Godlove and Gary Goodlove?s DNA did not match but were both of the Cohen Model Haplotype. Which is to say that both shared a previous ancestor but not Francis Gottlob as previously theorized. Both have Jewish ancestry and descend from the Jewish priestly family of Aaron, the brother of Moses. Gerol Lee Goodlove?s DNA is an exact 12 marker Y-DNA match to 33 men. None of these men are a part of our family?s current family tree. On the male chromosome, if you match another person exactly in a dozen markers, a rare occurrence, unless you are closely related, you have a 99 percent likelihood of sharing common ancestry.[1] This list is growing. God keeps His promises that we wouldn?t remain scattered. The end is the redemption, and part of it is a functioning Temple. We see now that the exile is ending. Rabbi Ya?akov Kleinam: Center for Cohanim in Jerusalem. The DNA matches but the names do not and it is because during early history people did not use last names and when they did choose them, everyone chose different last names than those of the other members of their extended families. Because Jewish priestly families keep genealogies and measure descent, uniquely from fathers to sons, early DNA researchers went fishing among known priestly families to see whether there were any common genetic patterns on the Y chromosome. Voila. They found 12 markers which were shared by nearly all Jewish priestly families and by almost no one else the world. Those are the 12 markers your father has. Russell Clark Lipton (DNA match) You ask about how Jewish men know whether or not they are Cohens. Cohen translates literally as Priest in Hebrew. Every time you read the word priest in the Old Testament, you can be pretty sure that the original He



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