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The Goossens Surname Project


The surname Goossens is a patronymic, a name created from the first name of the father, in this case from a man who carried the first name Gozewyn, Goswin or Goos. In ancient Germanic language Goswin means good friend. Goossens is a very common surname in Flanders the Dutch speaking part of the Federal Kingdom of Belgium. According to the National Institute of Statistics, 16202 persons living in Flanders carried this surname in 1998. After Peeters, Janssens, Maes, Jacobs, Mertens and Claes -all Flemish patronymics- he came on the eight place in the order of surnames. Inside Belgium the concentration is highest in the Flemish provinces of Vlaams-Brabant,Antwerpen,Oost-Vlaanderen and the north-eastern part of West-Vlaanderen. Inside Netherland the surname is present to a less extent in the provinces of Zeeland and Noord-Brabant.In consequent the surname Goossens seams to be originated in the ancient County of Flanders and the ancient Duchy of Brabant. The Dutch speaking community in this region is supposed to descend in huge size from a mixture of immigrated Germanic tribes : Salic Franks, Saxons and Frisians. Whereas the origin of the name (son of Goswin, son or grandson of Goos) it is very likely that there is no relationship between many carriers. During the 14th century when surnames became common in the Netherlands more than one Goos was probably living. Many immigrants of Flemish origin in the United States and Canada carry this surname. The purpose of this project is to find a relationship between carriers all over the world. In particular we hope to find a relationship between descendants of Goossens people who were living before the 17th century in the environment of the ancient moors (Bulskampveld,Beverhoutsveld, Maldegemveld) on the borders of the Meetjesland, the Houtland and the Brugse Ommeland (villages of Oedelem, Beernem, Ursel, Knesselare, Maldegem, Adegem,Ruiselede, etc.)



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