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The Gratigny Surname Project


Welcome to the Gratigny/Gratigney/Gratny FTDNA project site. Documented research has shown that all Gratignys, and many if not all Gratnys, in the USA, descend from one common ancestor, Lewis (aka Louis) Gratigny, who settled in Monroe and Belmont Counties, Ohio. is how this name is pronounced in French, and there is a signifcant number of USA Gratnys that have been identified as originally having changed their name to avoid the confusion and headache of always correcting people on the Gratginy spelling. According to Burl Gratny of Kansas, a grandson of Samuel Davenport Gratigny, all children of Samuel Davenport Gratigny EXCEPT Rolla Samuel changed their last name to GRATNY, since it was easier to spell for others and pronounce. These Gratnys are in Kansas and California. This makes Gratigny an ideal study to participate in, from a genealogical perspective. Lewis Gratigny was said to have been born in France about 1797, and 99.5% of all Gratignys during the period came from the Siene-Maritime region of Normandy. This study hopes to document male Gratignys/Gratnys from each identified line, and to reach out across the ocean to find the genetic cousins, to piece together the family tradition on how Louis and his brother came to america. We encourage all to participate, and help build the tree out.

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Gratigney, Gratigny, Gratney, Gratny

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