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The Gruber Surname Project


This project was started in December 2013, by David Francis. It is open to all men with the Gruber surname, or variations. However, for personal reasons, David is especially eager to attract Gruber men from Washington County, Maryland, or Gruber men who have an E1b1b1 haplotype(see below). David expects that few Gruber men will match each other because Gruber is a descriptive surname (like Smith) from Bavaria, originally meaning a person from a pit, mine or depression. It is the most common surname in Austria.(both facts from Wikipedia) That is the experience from the Francis surname project, which now has 85 participants, but the largest sub-group is five. David founded the Francis surname project in 2004 to test the Y-chromosomes of his Baltimore County Francis family. David was eventually able to show that five members from three branches of that family had a common male ancestor. David, however, was not one of them, nor was his father. They both had E1b1b1 haplotypes rather than the family I1. Interpreting the results and adding a FamilyFinder test showed that David's paternal grandfather, Jesse Gruber Francis, b. 1884, was the son of a woman from his mother's Carson family and a non-Francis male. Circumstantial evidence - including Jesse's middle name - leads David to think that Jesse's biological father may have been a Gruber from Washington County, Maryland. David hopes this project will reveal something about his great-grandfather's ancestry.



Other surnames in Project

Groover, Grover, Gruber, Grueber, Gruever, Gruver

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