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The Gubbels Surname Project


Research group for Gubbels family.   Mainly for Gubbels pre 1700. Mainly Gubbels located in Brabant and Limburg (in The Netherlands).   I've discovered that many other surnames in Nederweert are also Gubbels (aliases). And due to the old archives (upto pre 1550) in Nederweert in combination with DNA, I think this can be very interesting and that this project probably will include many more surnames in the future, from family names that didnt know they originated from Gubbels. (sidenote: Gubbels was late 1500 already a very common name in Nederweert (around 2% carried that name with a population of a few thousands (3000?)) but after 1610 suddenly almost all Gubbels dissappear (and continue under other surnames). For example my root is temporarily named Horix / Horicx. But i had luck that in my root, my ancestors renamed back to Gubbels, therefor i could find its changes. But even in the 1400 and 1500 there are already multiple families Gobels / Goebels in 's Hertogenbosch / Den Bosch / Buscoducis. Which most likely will have connection to Nederweert as well as Maastricht Gubbels in 1500-1600. at this time oldest (and possible family member) of Gubbels / Goebels is: Hubrecht Goebels, leenman van Brabant in 1440/1441. He wrote (and sealed) a letter to the Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-1467).   However we need more people to help us out, we need people who can do work on location, go to 's Hertogenbosch or Nederweert or Maastricht (or The Hague/CBG) so we can extend our research beyond internet boundaries.   Also, we could use: anyone with (pre 1700) ancestrial roots from Nederweert (Limburg/The Netherlands) or in Den Bosch (Brabant/The Netherlands) or anywhere in Noord-Brabant or Limburg or Belgium) anyone who wants to help us solve the Gubbels history, because I have a feeling that if we solve the Gubbels line, we solve alot of other family lines as well.   If someone who wants to join us, is unsure if they have roots in Nederweert region dating back to pre 1700, I can probably help you find that out on paper trails, so feel free to contact me with your info (grandparents etc).



Other surnames in Project

Gebbels, Geubbels, Geubels, Gobbels, Gobels, Goebbels, Goebels, Gubbels, Guebbels, Horicks, Horicx, Horix, Horricks, Thijs, Tijs

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