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The Guin,Gwin,Guyn,Gwyn Surname Project


Surname project includes: GINN, GUIN, GWIN, GUYN, GWYN, GUINN, GWINN, GWYNN, GUYNN, O'GINN, O'GUIN, O'GUINN, O'GWIN, O'GWINN, McGINN, McGUIN, McGUINN, McGWIN, & McGWINN and all similar names on our list below. Surname suffix include: an, ane, ee, ell, er, et, eth, ett, ette, es, ess, ey, is, iss, ap, ip, up. Our project is open to all members of the Irish/Scottish QUIN, QUINN, O'QUIN, McQUINN variant surname projects and all members of the Welsh WINN, WYNN, WYNNE variant surname projects. ** Note: We prefer that you are member of your surname project, but it is not a requirement. We ask for your participation with our project not only to prove, but to "disprove" several theories while proudly representing your heritage. It is believed that many of the today's GINN, GUINN, GWINN, GUYNN, or GWYNN families were anglized versions of, or originated from similar variations during the medieval to Middle Ages, 2nd to 15th centuries. Credibility is based on FAIR and EQUAL representation, with PROPER GROUPING in a TIMELY MANNER, guaranteed. We encourage your participation as you are "Unlimited" to the number of projects to participate with. To Join a project, you must click on the Orange JOIN button at the bottom of the final page. Many researchers have reached their "brick-wall" due to a lack of documentation, thus speculating unknown heritage. Some are thought to have an ancient kinship while others reflect an independent origin. Knowing which set you might descend from, possibly ties you into some ancient history throughout the world. We recommend the Y-37 test or higher Y-67 for your accuracy. The 12-marker DNA test links each to many other surnames and is best used to disprove a suspected genealogical connection on the direct paternal line. If cost is a factor, you can always upgrade at a later date when it is more convenient for you. Include some background information about your most distant ancestors. If "unknown" or just a few generations is known, that is ok, we may be able to help with our current knowledge. We ask this of all new members, so that we can better understand and properly group you. Group Administrator: Ron C. Gwinn, (Feedback is always welcome).



Other surnames in Project

Genn, Gennell, Gennett, Gennette, Geuin, Gewin, Gewinne, Gewinnen, Gewinner, Ginn, Ginnane, Ginnell, Ginnes, Ginness, Ginnett, Ginnette, Ginney, Ginnis, Ginny, Guin, Guina, Guinan, Guinane, Guinap, Guinaugh, Guinaw, Guincy, Guindollet, Guindon, Guine, Guinea, Guinee, Guineer, Guinegaw, Guinen, Guiner, Guinere, Guines, Guiness, Guinessey, Guinet, Guinett, Guinette, Guinevan, Guiney, Guinip, Guinivan, Guinn, Guinnane, Guinnap, Guinne, Guinnee, Guinner, Guinness, Guinnessey, Guinnessy, Guinnip, Guinnop, Guinop, Guinot, Guinotte, Guint, Guinte, Guintran, Guintrand, Guintrande, Guinup, Guion, Guyn, Guyne, Guynee, Guynes, Guyness, Guynetth, Guyney, Guynn, Guynne, Guynnup, Guynup, Gween, Gwen, Gwenap, Gwenn, Gwin, Gwine, Gwinee, Gwinn, Gwinne, Gwinnedd, Gwinnell, Gwinner, Gwinneth, Gwinnett, Gwinney, Gwinnup, Gwinup, Gwthne, Gwyn, Gwyndaf, Gwyne, Gwynedd, Gwynek, Gwyneth, Gwynetha, Gwynette, Gwynllyw, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gwynned, Gwynnedd, Gwynnel, Gwynnell, Gwynneth, Gwynnett, Gwynnette, Gwyntopher, Gynane, Gynn, Gynnane, Gynne, Gynnet, Gynnett, Gynning, Mac Ginn, Mac Ginnis, Mac Guin, Mac Guinn, Mac Guyn, Mac Guyne, Mac Guynn, Mac Guynne, Mac Gwine, Mac Gwinn, Mac Gwyn, Mac Gwyne, Mac Gwynn, Mac Gwynne, MacGinn, MacGuin, MacGuinn, MacGuyn, MacGuyne, MacGuynn, MacGuynne, MacGwine, MacGwinn, MacGwyn, MacGwyne, MacGwynn, MacGwynne, Magennis, Maginn, Maginnes, Maginness, Maginnis, Maginniss, Mc Ginn, Mc Ginnes, Mc Ginness, Mc Ginnis, Mc Guin, Mc Guine, Mc Guines, Mc Guiness, Mc Guiney, Mc Guinn, Mc Guinness, Mc Gwin, Mc Gwinn, Mcginn, McGinnes, McGinness, McGinnis, McGinniss, McGuin, McGuine, McGuines, McGuiness, McGuiney, McGuinn, McGuinnes, McGuinness, McGwen, McGwin, McGwinn, Meginnis, Meginniss, MGinniss, O Guiney, O Guinidhe, O Guinye, O'Gin, O'Ginn, O'Guin, O'Guinan, O'Guiney, O'Guinidhe, O'Guinn, O'Guinness, O'Guinye, O'Gwen, O'Gwin, O'Gwinn, O'Gwyn, O'Gwynn, Oguin, OGuinan, Oguinn, OGuinness, Ogwen, Ogwin, Ogwinn, Ogwyn, Ogwynn, Ui'Gin, Ui'Ginn, UiGin, UiGinn

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