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The GunnSeptList Surname Project


The Gunn surname is known to be associated with Western European, Scandinavian, and Asian ancestries as defined by haplogroups. Many family surnames can be attributed to multiple Scottish clans or their septs, so therefore can not be attributed to a single clan surname. There was a time when using surnames wasn't a standard practice. Many surnames were based on parental affiliation, occupation, personal appearance, or regional location. Some people with surnames in the Gunn Sept list may have a connection to Scottish ancestors. Others may not. This project is for males with surnames listed in the Gunn Sept list. If you are a male with a surname in the sept list you are welcomed to join the project to see if you may have a connection, If you are a woman who has a male relative with a surname in the sept list and you think they may have a connection, you will need them to provide a sample on your behalf of your family. You will be asked to provide a family tree so that your DNA results can be correlated with other families, some of whom may be Gunns. You are encouraged to test for either 25, 37, or 67 markers since this inmproves the chances of finding matches between members of the project. Please note that have a match with another member doesn't necessarily mean you are related. Markers mutate over time and can present false matches as a result. That is why the family tree must be submitted to correlate against the DNA results. There is no guarantee that you will match anyone with Gunn ancestry or anyone with the same surname as you since surnames were often selected by several methods. This often meant that members of the same family could have different surnames or people from unrelated families could have the same surname.



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