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The Gunter Surname Project


This project is open to all GUNTER lines with various spellings of the surname GUNTER, GYNTER, GINTER,KINDER, GANTER, GONTER, GONNER and GUNTHER etc. Migrations of our Gunter families to Virginia, PA, NY and the East coast then across America can be documented in records. Now it is possible through DNA testing of the male Y Chromosome for us to sort these various Gunter families. Are we all related with this surname? Are the Germanic lines with memberships in Lutheran churches from Shenandoah Valley, VA the same families as found in early VA, NC, SC, KY, TN, GA, AL, MS? Family lines in NY, MI and Canada are in our project and looking for DNA matches. DNA testing can answer these and many more questions and place us with genetic cousins that are related. We welcome participates from across the world to test in the family project. The NEW Family Finder test by FTDNA is now available and they will be part of our Gunter Project. Join our GUNTER Project today and see who are bloodline cousins! Thank you!



Other surnames in Project

Ganter, Ginter, GONNER, GONTER, Guenther, GUNTER, GUNTHER, GYNTER, Kinder

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