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The Halpern Surname Project


This is a Y-DNA surname project to look for relatedness of different groups of folks named HALPERN. My particular interest comes from having an ancestor, Nachum Eliyahu Halpern, who claimed descent from Jehiel Heilperin, a great talmudist from Minsk, Belarus. There are other HALPERN who descend from rabbinic families of the Russian Empire, as well as others who simply adopted the surname in the 19th century when it became necessary to chose a name. So I am looking to disect the different HALPERN groups to see which, if any, share a common ancestry. As of now (August of 2009), it looks as if my HALPERN family does NOT descend from the large HEILPERIN descended from Zebulun HEILPERIN, at least not via a direct male line. If I do descend from Rabbi Jehiel mentioned above, its likely also through a female line that later adopted the surname (or, alternatively, I either do not relate to Jehiel at all, OR Jehiel does not descend from this greater Heilperin family, as documented by Rabbi Meir Wunder.) However, we now have one match, and it is a significant one. One member who joined, not really knowing his ancestry before 1850, now clearly matches with a man with a written genealogy tracing back to Zebulon Eliezer without gaps. So, at least two Halperns now clearly are from the same family and Halplogroup (G2C, to be exact). Though it hasn't been totally proven yet, it would seem that the note rabbinic family was from Haplogroup G2C.



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