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The HAMLETT Surname Project


To determine the relationship between HAMLETT family members and their ancestors. To identify the haplotype of a given branch of the HAMLETT family, while at the same time looking for similarities with other branches of family group, as in name derivatives such as Hamlet/Hamblett and Hamblet. To identify a timeframe in which a common ancestor existed for apparently different branches of the family, using currently accepted Y-DNA mutation rates and years per generation, to develop an ancestral haplotype for those groups, and to identify the common location. To prove, or disprove, as the case may be, the theory held by many HAMLETT researchers that all Hamlett/Hamlet/Hamblett/Hamblet etc., regardless of the particular spelling of their name today, and whether or not their forebears came from England, Denmark, France, Germany or elsewhere. To distinguish from, or identify the common link, between the Gloucestershire Hamletts and the Cheshire HAMLETTS and determine which, if either of these groups, emigrated to the Virginia colonies.



Other surnames in Project

Hamblet, Hamblett, Hamlet, HAMLETT

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