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The Hamley Surname Project


The purpose of this project is to assess the relative closeness of the surname varients of Hamley/Hamly, Hambley/Hambly and Hamlyn/Hamlin, etc and to determine which varients share the common origin of Bodmin, Cornwall. The project will also show relative genetic closeness of each participant to other Hamley Surname Project participants and will connect individuals of matching DNA via email notification. If a participant wishes to be notified of DNA matches with individuals outside the Hamley Surname Project but within the larger Family Tree DNA data base, that can also be done. All spelling varients are sought. In September of 2007, we have only six members with posted data and another two on the way but it is exciting to see that the data is already starting to show groupings of relative closseness. Fill out the form below and/or email for questions on this project.



Other surnames in Project

de Tuite, Hambley, Hambling, Hambly, Hamby, Hamelin, Hamily, Hamley, Hamlin, Hamly, Hamlyn, however, Tiut, Tiutt

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