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The Harmelin Surname Project


The Harmelin project is open to every person whose surname is Harmelin or Hermelin (other spelling versions: Hermalin, Hermolin, Kermelin,...). It is a rare surname; in German it means 'ermine' - the short-tailed weasel - whose fur was a symbol of royalty in Europe. There are Harmelin and Hermelin families (or branches of the same family?) mainly in USA, Israel, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Surinam, South Africa... Before WWII - Jewish Harmelin/Hermelin families lived in Galicia (part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for several centuries), Poland, Russia, Lithuania... Tragically, many members of Jewish Harmelin/Hermelin families perished during the Holocaust. The survivors have been looking for relatives whom they lost contact with during the war, and this is one of the reasons for starting this project. Generally, the goal of this project is to help finding out how many Harmelin/Hermelin lineages exist, and whom you are really related to if you're a Harmelin/Hermelin. The Y-DNA test results will let us work with relatives on adding roots and branches to our family trees in a more informed and fruitful way.



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Harmelin, Harmolin, Hermalin, Hermelin

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