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The Harmer Surname Project


The HARMER surname originated in three English Counties: Sussex, Norfolk, and Gloucestershire. To date, no genealogical link has been found between these groups. One of the objectives of the DNA project is see if a genetic link exists between these county groups. As well, there are HARMER families within each of these counties with no proven paper record connection to other county HARMER lines. It is hoped that DNA testing will provide genetic proof of a common ancestor.Also of interest is the genetic origin of the HARMER DNA. It is speculated that HARMERs came to England at the time of the Norman Conquest. HARMER DNA should provide an indication of this general geographic origin. For example, if our ancestors came from Normandy in France there could be an indication of Viking DNA origins as William the Conqueror's grandfather was a Norwegian Viking who raided, conquered, and settled that part of France. HARMERs could have been part of his Normandy and later English settlement. There is a word in Old Norse - harmr - meaning one who grieves or causes grief, and this word is part of the derivation of the English word, harm, and is perhaps a derivation of the surname HARMER. DNA may help prove or disprove these family theories.Do you know where your HARMER line comes from? Join the HARMER DNA Project. If you are male and have the surname HARMER be tested and contribute your DNA, if you are female and a HARMER, have tested or sponsor the test of a known related male HARMER.Or if you have any questions or concerns, email me.Cheers,,Bob HarmerGaliano Island, BC,



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