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The Hatchell Surname Project


The Hatchell Family Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome. PROJECT PARTICIPATION: ? The cost for participation is $99. If the cost of the test is the sole barrier to your participation, then please email the project's group administrator. He may be able to find funds pledged by others. ? The recommended test for the project is the 12-marker Y-chromosome test. You may choose to have more extensive testing performed (at an increased cost), but a Y-chromosome test of at least 12 markers is sufficient. ? All interested male descendants with some variation of the surname are welcome to participate. Do *NOT* sign up for the project if you are female. The test is based on the Y-chromosome, and because women have no Y-chromosome, they cannot participate. ? The group administrator can assist with privacy issues if requested. The results of the project will be posted to this web page as become available. See Group Administrator link below. Thanks for your participation and support! PROJECT GOALS: ? Establish a central clearinghouse for research and genetic testing for all related spelling variations of HATCHELL, HATCHEL, HATSELL, etc. ? Determine relationships and resolve ?brick walls? in research. ? Prove or disprove theories regarding the origin of the first Colonial American ancestors (i.e., York County, Virginia); determine the origin of the first Anglo Irish ancestors (i.e., County Wexford). ? Determine further research for the origin of the surname in England, prior to migration to Ireland. ? Determine genetic links between such spelling variations as HATCHELL, HATSELL, HATCHWELL, and HATSWELL especially in Devon County, England.



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