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The Havens Surname Project


November 5, 2013: William-1 Havens married Dennis Allen 24 January 1638/9 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. She was born 23 June 1623 in Sheffield Parish, South Yorkshire, Wales, England. Her parents are William Allen and Helen Normer. His first wife's name is unknown. She had the first 3 children. William and Dennis had 10 children. September 19, 2013: (See August 4 & 9 below)Results are back for William W. Havens of Ontario, Canada. He matches 6 other men who have tested via the website. If you are one of them there is a very good probability that you are all descended from William-1 Havens, bca 1618 England, to America 1638 - the first Havens that came to America. Contact me if you want more info re this line. Jo I try to update this often so come back often to see what's going on! August 24, 2013: I am happy to tell you we now have a co-administrator working with me on this site. His name is Terry Jack Barton, owner of the Worldwide website below. He knows much more than I do about DNA work. August 9, 2013: Go down to August 4, 2013 below: William's test just today came back to FTDNA. Now we can all hold our breath. First it goes to a lab, then we wait for the reply back to FTDNA with the results. I'll send out a batch email as soon as I hear that it's in. August 8, 2013: For those of you still looking: I published Havens Harbor, a quarterly Havens newsletter for over 13 years. I now have those HH issues available on CD in PDF format for you. Please contact me for more information. You will need it to start and/or continue on your DNA research journey. It's 13 years of Havens research by over 450 Havens in the world. August 4, 2013 update: We have recently found a descendant from William-1 Havens. He is over 90,lives in Canada and has done his FTDNA test and mailed back to FTM. He ties into the HNJ book to William-1 Havens as a descendant of William Havens-530. He also connects via paper through voluminous amounts of written family research and records. Soon we will know which, if any, of our Havens connect to this William-530. Everyone wants to! Now you can get proof via your own DNA testing. DO IT NOW PLEASE!! Please tell every Havens you know to sign up on this website or contact me for infomation. I can't help you connect on the few people who have tested so far. DNA basic testing price has now been set at $49.00 by FTDNA for the basic test. It is a simple test, order a kit, when you get the kit: get the tiny brush and brush the inside of your cheeks as described, follow their instructions completely. Mail the kit back in the envelope they sent you. That's it! No pain - nothing scary - no needles! Forget the junk you see on weird TV programs. Nobody sees your name via DNA testing. FTDNA gives it a # and sends the kit with a # only to the lab to be tested. As administrator of the website I know both your # and name and I get the information they email to you. That way I can help you connect to others. May 13,2013: We now have 5 male Haven/Havens/Havin with the same DNA though the names are not spelled the same. This is for the first test. I was contacted by a Heavens who finally found her ancestor's name on a headstone as Havens so that ties those names together. The Havens DNA Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname is missing, we'll be glad to add it. There are lots of rumors and no proof of where our ancestors lived. DNA testing will help us ferret it out! Jo



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