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The Hawley Surname Project


We extend a warm invitation for you to participate in the DNA Study if you are a Hawley or an individual with a variation of the surname. The goal is to determine how you connect to others of the family in England and America. Valuable information can be gained from your participation! Evidence of the Hawley surname, and its variations, is found in the United Kingdom in the following areas: Derbyshire/Staffordshire/Yorkshire; Lincolnshire down to Northamptonshire; London (Middlesex, Essex, London City) and west country (Devon, Dorset, Somerset), Ireland and Wales. Possibilities of migration and settlement across the ocean include: to the original 13 Colonies of America, to the States which grew from these 13 Colonies, to the territories of the United States, and to Barbados, Canada and Jamaica. Please consider joining this valuable effort today by ordering as many Y-chromosome gene tests as you feel you can afford. Please give permission to FamilyTreeDNA to share your results with others with exact gene matches. When you have communicated with others with exact gene matches, and figured out your lineage and your antecedents in the British Isles, please give this information back to the Society of the Hawley Family to add to our database.



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