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The Hayner Surname Project


This project is open to HAYNER/HAINER/HANER or any variant spellings including: HAYNOR, HAINOR, HANOR, HAHNER, HINER, and HEINER, HOEHNER, HOENER and HEANER. All these spellings are believed to have emigrated from Germany and/or Switzerland, and as we know, many different spellings emerged as children arrived in a new place with little knowledge of a new language. It will be interesting to find out if many of these last names share common roots. If you are interested in genealogy and would like to join our study and receive a substantial discount on your DNA Test kit, please fill in the form below. If your surname is not listed here, but you are a variant spelling of one of these name, please e-mail the Group Administrator to have your spelling added. We welcome all with variant surnames who need a project home. Once we establish genetic family history, we will split off those who wish to have a separate project.



Other surnames in Project

Hahner, Hainer, Hainor, Haner, Hanor, Hayner, Haynor, Heaner, Heiner, Hiner, Hoehner, Hoener

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