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The Hazel,Hazle,Hasle, Surname Project


Studying yDNA data on Hazel / Hazle / Hazell / Hasel / Hasle (and all other possible spellings). The purpose of these tests is to distinguish the relationships between the various lines. Most of us realize we have gone as far as possible with traditional methods of research (courthouse records, bible records, etc.). We have lots of theories about how our lines mesh, but we don?t have any proof positive. DNA testing can help solve that problem and could put us on the right track, showing us which lines are related, and which are not. Our group is looking for DNA sampling from any Hazel (all spellings) male, in a direct line of documented descent.See our Hazel(all spellings)Subgroups on our easy-to-understand, color-coded chart by clicking on our website link above. Then choose the 'yDNA Results' tab.



Other surnames in Project

Hasel, Hasell, Hasle, Hassel, Hassell, Hazel, Hazell, Hazle

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