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The Heffernan Surname Project


The Heffernan DNA Project uses the new tools of genetic genealogy and DNA testing to enhance and augment traditional genealogical research into Heffernan family lineages from the U.S., Ireland, U.K., Canada, Australia, and anywhere else in the world Heffernan families are found.  The project seeks to help break through brick walls in research and prove, or disprove, family connections where documented sources are either lacking or inconclusive.Project participation is open to any direct paternal-line male Heffernan descendant?i.e., a male whose last name is Heffernan (or a variation, such as Heffern) or a male whose biological paternal-line ancestry goes back to a Heffernan but whose last name was changed at some point, such as due to adoption.  However, even if you are not a direct paternal-line male Heffernan descendant, you can join the project by sponsoring the testing of a Heffernan male from your immediate or extended family, such as a brother, son, father, uncle, male cousin, distant male cousin, etc.  The success of the project depends on getting as many Heffernan males tested as possible, so please help this effort by getting tested yourself or arranging for the testing of a Heffernan male in your family.



Other surnames in Project

Hefferan, Hefferman, Heffern, Heffernan, Heffernon, Hefferon, Heffren, Heffron, Heveran, Kabakow, Kaiser, O'Heffernan, O'Heffron

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