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The Helon Surname Project


All persons bearing the surname HELON [rendered GELON, sometimes GELEN in the Ukrainian language and HOELUN/HULUN in the Mongolian language] are encouraged to join the HELON Surname Project. The goals of the HELON Surname Project are to bring together and unite all those whom bear this very ancient and biblical name wherever they may be throughout the World; to verify relationships and migratory paths of families; to confirm the identity - where possible - of the HELON Patriarch/Matriarch; to attempt to quantify and validate the claims as to the ancient and biblical origin of the name HELON and the geographical origins of the family, and to encourage others to actively share that information and documents that they may have on their famiies HELON with the aim of building an archive of substantiated proofs. As there are so few HELON families scattered throughout the World [albeit with some small concentrations], Members are encouraged to have undertaken more detailed Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67 tests. ETHNIC ORIGIN: [Semitic] Ashkenazi Hebrew/Greek/Scythian. Y-HAPLOGROUP = E1b1b1a1b [E-V36]. N.B. 'Null' ['0'] Allele Value for DYS #425; Locus 48. The Goals of the HELON Surname Project are to: 1. Look for, and identify any patterns or similarities between Haplogroups and sub-Clades in an endeavour to find and confirm any distant relatedness between Participants. 2. Verify the relatedness and migratory paths of families, and where possible to confirm the identity of the HELON Patriarch/Matriarch [Common - or Alpha - Male/Female] from whom all Participants herald from.



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