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The Henningfield Surname Project


The Henningfield project is open to males whose direct paternal line has the family surname Henningfield, Henningfeld, and/or similar derivatives worldwide. The test-taking participant must always be a male who either (1) descends in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Henningfield-surnamed male ancestor (including variant surnames) or who (2) has reason to believe he descends from such an ancestor. Females don't carry the type of DNA, yDNA, needed for testing in this. However, females can have a male Henningfield in their line take the test as their representative. Prospective participants are strongly encouraged to order a minimum test of Y-37. We will also accept mtDNA test for males and females from Henningfield and related families to look for possible distant cousin lines from the bottom of the pedigree chart. Henningfields worldwide are encouraged to participate in this effort and we welcome you to join our project.



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