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The Herr Surname Project


The Herr Family DNA Program was started in March 2007 for the purpose of identifying the relationship of the different Herr families in the USA, Canada, Germany and Switzlerland. The Pennsylvania Herr branch descend from Hans Herr, a Mennonite Anabaptist Elder who fled the Palatinate for Lancaster PA about 1718. The Michigan Herr descend from Fidelius Herr, who emigrated from Oensbach Baden to Nankin Township, Wayne County, Michigan in 1831. Fidelius Herr's grandfather Markus Herr and Hans Herr were contemporaries who lived a mere 15 miles from each other in Germany about 1715. A third Herr branch descended from Johanne Herr, who emigrated from Saxe Goethe to the Flint Michigan area in 1851. We invite each and every Herr to participate in this program so we can clarify our family relationships more precisely. If you have any questions, please check out the Oensbach Herr family web page at or write me at Dankeshon, Rodgerrrr



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