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The Hevey Surname Project


Our Surname Project is a world wide project to determine which of the surnames listed below are related, and therefore share a common ancestor. In addition, we hope to determine the geographic origin of the common ancestor. We also hope to determine the number of points of origin for those surnames with multiple origins. A minimum 25 marker test is required for this study. Project to identify the various genetic lines and origins of the Hevey, Havey, Heavey, Heafey surname. The earliest reference to the Hevey surname is of John Hevey born about 1232 in Kenmerton, Gloucestershire. England (Source:IGI Ancestral file no:N2CW-SS.) This is probably a Norman French instance of the name. Hevey families in the US and Australia seem to be predominantly of Irish origin, but those in Canada are mainly French. Early Heveys in England and Scotland are mainly of French origin, but the balance changed in the C.19 where most Heveys came from Ireland to find work. Norman settlers arrived in England and Ireland in the 11th Century, and in the centuries following there was much mobility between England, Ireland and France. In particular the 16 and 17th Centuries saw an infulx Hugenot refugees named Hevey, Havey, Havie in England and Scotland. Records have not been found to show that there were Hugenot or Norman Heveys in Ireland, but it is perfectly feasible that there were. French Nicholas Deve Hevey, born about 1643 in Normandy, France. He emigrated to Canada and his descendants are among the French Canadian Heveys. Source: Eve Family Website Norwegian Norwegian settlers in the Unites States named Hæve became Havey to accord with American spelling patterns. The US 1880 Census also shows Havey families from Norway Source: Norwegian-American Surnames {1} By Marjorie M. Kimmerle (Volume XII: Page 1) Norwegian-American Historical Association. Irish Origin The information below relates to the Irish origin and comes from Irish Surnames by Rev. P Wolfe, which is the most detailed explanation of the name?s origin that I have found to date. Anyone bearing the surname Hevey has paternal Irish ancestry dating back to the 4th century AD, or earlier. The Gaelic surname O h Eimigh (of which O h Eamhaigh and O h Eamthaigh are variants) means grandson of Swift. It was anglicised as Hevey, Heavey, Heavy, Hevie, Heavie, Havey etc. O h means grandson of, and the name would have originally been pronounced O'Heevee, but the O was later dropped.



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Havey, Heafey, Heaphey, Heavey, Hevey, Hovey

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