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The Hinze Surname Project


The project objective is to identify the origins of the Paul A. Hinze clan.Hypothesis: (A). At the age of 16 Paul came to America by assistance of a support group of either friends or relatives. Other Hinze families were established in small German communities in Wisconsin and Minnesota prior to Paul?s arrival. These families may have been part of his support structure. DNA testing will prove or disprove this theory. (B). Paul?s origins will be discovered by identifying other Hinze family members both in the United States and Germany who share the same Y-line DNA markers as the Paul Hinze Clan and have an established pedigree back to specific German towns.Strategy: As no record of Paul?s hometown in Germany can be found it is hoped that other Hinze families can be found with established pedigrees back to Germany and who match the same Y-line markers as the Paul A. Hinze Clan. Then a most recent common ancestor (MRCA) can be identified.



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