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The Houdeshell Surname Project


This project is for all variants of the Houdeshell surname. Goals: 1. To prove (or disprove) anyone named Houdeshell, or variant, is related back to the presumed progenitor Diebold HAUDENSCHILD. 2. To prove (or disprove) all variants are a modification of the original Haudenschild. 3. To find the degree of relatedness among all named Houdeshell, and variants. I am female, so have relied on a maternal uncle as my representative. We have a paper trail back to George and Catherine (Bibler) Houdyshell in Fairfield County, Ohio.



Other surnames in Project

Haudascheld, Haudaschell, Haudaschelt, Haudaschild, Haudaschill, Haudaschilt, Haudasheld, Haudashell, Haudashelt, Haudenscheld, Haudenschell, Haudenschelt, Haudenschild, Haudenschill, Haudenschilt, Haudensheld, Haudenshell, Haudenshelt, Hauderscheld, Hauderschell, Hauderschelt, Hauderschild, Hauderschill, Hauderschilt, Haudersheld, Haudershell, Haudershelt, Haudescheld, Haudeschell, Haudeschelt, Haudeschild, Haudeschill, Haudeschilt, Haudesheld, Haudeshell, Haudeshelt, Haudischeld, Haudischell, Haudischelt, Haudischild, Haudischill, Haudischilt, Haudisheld, Haudishell, Haudishelt, Haudyscheld, Haudyschell, Haudyschelt, Haudyschild, Haudyschill, Haudyschilt, Haudysheld, Haudyshell, Haudyshelt, Houdascheld, Houdaschell, Houdaschelt, Houdaschild, Houdaschill, Houdaschilt, Houdasheld, Houdashell, Houdashelt, Houdenscheld, Houdenschell, Houdenschelt, Houdenschild, Houdenschill, Houdenschilt, Houdensheld, Houdenshell, Houdenshelt, Houderscheld, Houderschell, Houderschelt, Houderschild, Houderschill, Houderschilt, Houdersheld, Houdershell, Houdershelt, Houdescheld, Houdeschell, Houdeschelt, Houdeschild, Houdeschill, Houdeschilt, Houdesheld, Houdeshell, Houdeshelt, Houdischeld, Houdischell, Houdischelt, Houdischild, Houdischill, Houdischilt, Houdisheld, Houdishell, Houdishelt, Houdyscheld, Houdyschell, Houdyschelt, Houdyschild, Houdyschill, Houdyschilt, Houdysheld, Houdyshell, Houdyshelt, Howdascheld, Howdaschell, Howdaschelt, Howdaschild, Howdaschill, Howdaschilt, Howdasheld, Howdashell, Howdashelt, Howdenscheld, Howdenschell, Howdenschelt, Howdenschild, Howdenschill, Howdenschilt, Howdensheld, Howdenshell, Howdenshelt, Howderscheld, Howderschell, Howderschelt, Howderschild, Howderschill, Howderschilt, Howdersheld, Howdershell, Howdershelt, Howdescheld, Howdeschell, Howdeschelt, Howdeschild, Howdeschill, Howdeschilt, Howdesheld, Howdeshell, Howdeshelt, Howdischeld, Howdischell, Howdischelt, Howdischild, Howdischill, Howdischilt, Howdisheld, Howdishell, Howdishelt, Howdyscheld, Howdyschell, Howdyschelt, Howdyschild, Howdyschill, Howdyschilt, Howdysheld, Howdyshell, Howdyshelt

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