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The Houmpvalis Surname Project


The HOUMPVALIS SURNAME PROJECT is for anyone who has a family history of surnames including HOUMPVALIS or KAHRIMANIS. There is a separate surname project for Kahrimanis but they are the same family. At some time in the past 100 or more years, the family name of Houmpvalis was changed to Kahrimanis based on a deed of special strength and courage by a Kahrimanis ancestor. It is thought that the local village initiated this change but that is information lost to time. We are trying to find other family members based on ydna since all connections between the Houmpvalis and the Kahrimanis has been lost. If you know anyone with these names, please ask them to test and join this project.



Other surnames in Project

Cahiman, Cahimen, Cariman, Carimen, Carman, Carmen, Houmpvalis, Kahiman, Kahimen, Kahriman, Kahrimanis, Karman, Karmen

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