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The Hudson,Hutsonetc Surname Project


This worldwide discounted project welcomes all HUDSON, HUTSON (and all its variants) surname researchers, both male and female. The project includes all the various DNA testing including the new Family Finder, Y-DNA for straight paternal lines, and mtDNA for straight maternal lines. Anyone can take the Family Finder test. Only a male can take the Y-DNA test for his paternal line. But, both a male and a female can test for your mother's maternal mtDNA. DNA is a unique truth tool and, thus, can be extremely valuable in your genealogy research. DNA is noted for destroying brick walls and proving or disproving research theories, thus, saving hours of wasted erroneous research. In order to join the Project and enjoy the Project discount rate we require data on your personally documented earliest ancestor as well as your direct line. We encourage all HUDSON, HUTSON etc. researchers to join this most valuable and proven project. The success of the Project depends on the number of participants. Thus, please help us help you by joining us in making this Project a tremendous success! Here's the link to see a sample DNA test kit:



Other surnames in Project

Hatson/Hattson, Heardson, Herdson, Herdsone, Heudson, Hitson, Hittson, Hoddeson, Hoddleston, Hodgeson, Hodgson, Hodshon, Hodson, Hogeson, Hotston, Hottson, Hudd/Hudde, Huddesone, Huddesson, Huddle, Huddy, Hudgson, Hudson, Hudsone, Huetson, Hutsen, Hutson, Huttson, MacHudson, MacUisdean

Join the Hudson,Hutsonetc surname project

If you want to join the Hudson,Hutsonetc project please order your DNA test here.

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