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The Hulseberg Surname Project


Hulseberg is a rare name, both in the USA, and in Germany, where it originated. It is possible that all Hulsebergs in the World today descend from a single Hulseberg ancestor who lived in Germany centuries ago. One of the goals of the Hulseberg DNA Project is to find out whether this is true. DNA testing has recently become very popular as a tool for genealogists. This new field is called genetic genealogy. Genetic genealogy is useful both to prove connections between families that are suspected to be related, and to determine ancient ancestry, i.e., where our ancestors lived thousands of years ago. The Hulseberg DNA Project tests non-coding regions (junk DNA) on the Y chromosome, the chromosome that is passed from father to son. These tests do not test any genes, or anything that might have medical implications. These are different kinds of tests than paternity tests, and cannot be used to prove paternity. The identity of project participants is kept strictly confidential. For more about genetic genealogy, please see: One Hulseberg has had his Y chromosome tested by a lab in Germany. His results have been transferred to the Hulseberg DNA Project here at Family Tree DNA. His results were very interesting. His Y chromosome belongs to a group known as J2a1k. This group is rare in Europe. Its concentration is highest in Italy and Greece, although it isn't common there. The ancient Romans had military garrisons in Germany. It is known that some of the Roman soldiers married local girls and settled down there. It is possible that the Hulsebergs descend from an ancient Roman legionnaire. DNA testing may eventually prove or disprove it. We are looking for more male Hulsebergs from different Hulseberg lines to be tested. Please contact the Project Administrator if you are interested or have questions.



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