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The Husted/Hustis Surname Project


Welcome to the Husted/Hustis Family Y-DNA Project for all spellings variations. We are interested in using Y-DNA information to determine the ancestry of Husted/Hustis groups in the United States and world wide. There were two sons of Robert Husted who immigrated in 1635, Angel and Robert Jr. Many of their descendants are documented and one goal of the project is to establish a database of these Husted/Hustis with confirmation of family groups supported by DNA results. There is a Huestis group from the Westchester Co., NY area, including Aristides Huestis, which has not been linked to the other groups. This research may help identify the connections between these groups. There were many immigrant Husted and Hustis families who came to the America after 1635. These descendants will also be explored as well as those Husted/Hustis families that did not travel to the New World. Please join us in this exciting new genealogy project!



Other surnames in Project

Heustead, Heusted, Heustess, Heustis, Hewstead, Hewsted, hoosted, however, Huestead, Huested, Huestis, Hughstead, Hughsted, Huistead, Huisted, Huistis, Hustace, Hustad, Huste, Hustead, Husted, Hustede, Hustedt, Hustes, Hustice, Hustis, Hustus, Whelton, Wholly, Wholohane

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