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The Jackson Surname Project


This project is for members who have the surname Jackson (or derivatives) in their ancestry that is covered by the test(s) taken. For example: If you have taken a YDNA test and your direct paternal ancestors are Jacksons, or you have taken an mtDNA test and one of your direct maternal ancestors is a Jackson, or you have taken the FamilyFinder test and you have the Jackson surname within 10 generations, or any mix of the above. Members who are adopted and find themselves related to the Jackson surname via dna test results are encouraged to join. Additionally, members who have a different surname but who match the Jackson surname through a Non Paternal Event (NPE) are also encouraged to join. This is a surname lineage project. You will be asked for an ancestry of the testee to help determine the possible Jackson family match. If you do not want the lineage published on the results page, that can be arranged.



Other surnames in Project

Jackessone, Jackson, Jacson, Jagson, Jakson, Jaxon

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