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The JacobsFamily Surname Project


The Jacobs Family traces its origins back to David JACOBS, who was born in Germany about 1726. David JACOBS emigrated to England, probably around 1760, and was living in London by about 1768 when his son, Henry, was born. David died in 1809 and is buried in London, probably in one of the old Jewish burial grounds in Whitechapel. The Hebrew name of David JACOBS was David b. Koppel Litzen (various spellings) and his father is believed to be Jacob Litzen. At present we do not know where in Germany David JACOBS was born but it may have been Frankfurt-am-Main or the nearby town of Offenbach. Other possibilities are the village of Lietzen, in West Prussia near the Polish border or Lützen, near Leipzig. There are also several other places in modern Germany with similar names. Although there is little direct evidence of David JACOBS' occupation it is believed that he was a glass maker; a trade followed by several of his children and descendants. For further information about the Jacobs family see the family web site at



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