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The Jaffe Surname Project


Any male with any variation of any of the surnames listed (variations of the Hebrew root yud peh heh or Yiddish yud aleph peh heh)inherited by blood from at least two generations are invited to join. Only one per family is necessary. Start with the 12-marker Y chromosome DNA test. You can upgrade if it appears promising. Our objective is to determine if any living persons with the family surnames have a common ancestor, and to try to establish who fits where on which branches of the family tree. Branches seem to have grown from all over Western Europe, the Middle East and countries bordering the Mediterranean, and members have migrated to the Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. There is some evidence of a possible connection with Yemen. None known yet in Asia, or the Indian Sub-Continent. FYI Soundex Code I100,J100,Y100, Z100 and Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex Code 170000 and 470000 are relevant.



Other surnames in Project

Iofe, jaffe, Yafa, Yapha, Yoffe, Zaffe

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