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The Jauny Surname Project


The Jauny family most likely settled down in Brittany either during the Viking era (ca 820-980 AD) or during the big migration (ca 400 to 700 AD). Genealogy researches performed from 2006 can only prove that the family had been living within a quite tiny polygon in the so-called "Côtes d'Armor" area. Parishes : Ploeuc, Gausson, Plouguenast, Langast. The current surname is JAUNY, but during the 18th century we only have records with JOUNY or JOUNI, then during the second half of the 17th Century the surname is JOUSNY or JOUSNIN. May be the DNA results could help me to find people originating from Cornwall, Devon, Wales, or any other area. KInd regards. Eric



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