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The Jowsey-Jossey Surname Project


Jowsey/Jossey families of Scotland (mainly Edinburgh), descended from de Josse (Normandy), were prominent in the 16th-17th centuries, then vanished. Known descendants are currently found in Yorkshire, Northumberland (Joicey), Canada, and southern USA (Jossey/Jossy). Jowsey families also emigrated from UK to Australia and New Zealand, principally during the 19th century.



Other surnames in Project

Cuthbertson, Gosse, Gossey, Gouse, Gowsey, however, Iossi, Jaucie, Jawsey, Jesse, Jessie, Jeusie, Jewsey, Joass, Joce, Jocye, Johisie, Joice, Joicey, Joicy, Joisce, Joise, Joisey, Joiss, Joisse, Jolsey, Jonsie, Jose, Josea, Josey, Josi, Josie, Joss, Josse, Jossey, Jossi, Jossie, Jossier, Jossy, Joucey, Joucie, Joucy, Jouse, Jousey, Jousie, Jousse, Joussey, Joussi, Joussie, Jowcey, Jowcy, Jowcye, Jowesy, Jowicy, Jowie, Jowsay, Jowse, Jowsecy, Jowsee, Jowsey, Jowsie, Jowson, Jowssey, Jowssie, Jowsy, Jowsye, Joyce, Joycee, Joycie, Joycye, Joyscey, Joyse, Joysey, Joysie, Joysse, Joyssie, Juicy, Jusey, Jussy, Juzey, Towsey, Yossi

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