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The Laframboise Surname Project


Laframboise Families FTDNA Project, Objective: resolve first surname origin family connection when that connection is unknow due to a lack of genealogy data.Laframboise/Lafranboise/Lafromboise/ Lafrombois etc. Most Laframboise families dropped the origin surname and descendants are often unable to determine their origin surname (ie. Fafard dit (alternate adopted name) Laframboise)Laframboise Genealogy Collections, a genealogy file with over 35,000 persons, developed by Ron Ohlfs with shared genealogy from over 200 family descendants traces all the 19 known origin surnames from early 1600's to mid 1900's and living descendants. The first phase of the Laframboise DNA project is to establish a DNA data base for the six major origin families (listed below) that have known living descendants. The other 13 surname origin familes either dropped the Laframboise surname or disappeard due to no male descendants, by the mid 1700's and some in the mid 1800's. Descendants can contact me via e-mail:



Other surnames in Project

Berry, Franche, Frye, Guilbert, Laframboise, Lafranboise, Lafrombois/e, Rosbury

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