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The Lake Surname Project


I'm not an expert on the LAKE surname in America but I believe the following is correct as far as it goes. If not, someone let me know.Many of the LAKEs in America originated from a LAKE who settled in Gravesend on Long Island in the mid 1600s. (There is a story that there were three LAKE brothers, one going to Philadelphia, and the third going to West Jersey somewhere north of Trenton, but there is no real evidence as to such.) From Gravesend some LAKEs went to Staten Island, some LAKEs headed westward (at least one LAKE went to Hunterdon Co, NJ), and some LAKEs went south to South Jersey. During the Revolution at least one LAKE went to Canada from NJ. Also, a LAKE in Hunterdon Co went south to Ga.There was at least one LAKE who landed on the Eastern Shore of Md in the mid 1600s. These LAKEs spread west into Va and WV.There was also at least one LAKE who was in New England in the mid to late 1600s. These LAKEs spread west into NY and north into Canada.



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