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The Lancaster Surname Project


This project started with the focus upon assisting genealogists studying the Lancaster surname. Related surnames have been added where discovered and a general interest in the area where the surname has its origins has developed. People with other surnames from the Lancaster/ Lancashire/ North Western England regions are encouraged to join this project should no other suitable project be available. Should people later wish to split off projects for particular surnames or sub-regions that will be possible.Please contact if you have any questions.



Other surnames in Project

Alencaster, Alencastre, Allencaster, Allencastre, Camerton, Culwen, Culwyn, Curwen, Lancashire, Lancaster, Lancastre, Lanchester, Lanchestre, Landcastle, Landcastor, Langcaster, Langister, Langkester, Lankester, Lankister, Lankkester, Lankshear, Lanksheer, Lankster, Lencaster, Lencastre, Longcaster, Longcastle, Longcastre, Ormerod, Saterfiel, Saterfield, Satterfield, Satterthwaite, Setterfield, Setterthwaite, Sutterfield, Tailbey, Tailboy, Tailby, Tallboy

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